About the Program

Veritas Christian Study Abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Since Argentina is the birthplace of Pope Francis, Christians hope to see a more widespread practice of faith across the country and Latin America. Christianity is the major religion of the country, though only 20% of the population claims to actually practice it.

Language requirement: NONE (open to all levels)

Minimum GPA: 2.5


Fall and Spring semester students will take 2 Veritas courses; Religion and Culture (3 credits) and the International Missions/Service-Learning practicum. Students will have the opportunity to choose from a broad selection of other courses from the Universidad de Belgrano catalog to maintain full-time status and fulfill their academic requirements.

Summer students will take the 1 credit mission practicum and one Intensive Spanish language course*


*Note: This is only for students enrolling in one summer session. Students enrolling in the back-to-back summer sessions are able to choose more courses at the University of Belgrano.


Minimum Admissions Prerequisites

All students will take a placement exam upon arrival to determine language proficiency level. Exam results may determine eligibility for course enrollment. Students who arrive having completed the following number of semesters/quarters of college-level Spanish, or the equivalent, typically place into the corresponding language level:

Academic Credit

Credits earned may vary according to the policies of the student's home institution. For visa regulations, and according to Veritas Christian Study Abroad policy, students must maintain full-time enrollment status for the duration of the program, as determined by their home institution. Students may be required to obtain a student visa and should inquire with the corresponding consulate.