Frequently Asked Questions

Application and Eligibility

Yes, you can definitely still participate in Veritas if you've graduated (except South Korea). Most of our Veritas participants are college-aged, but if you meet our eligibility requirements we encourage you to apply to our program. It can be a great résumé builder for those directly after college, before entering the job market.

Applicants are evaluated on a case by case basis. Young applicants should either be enrolled in high school at the time of application or have already been accepted into a university / college.

Application materials may arrive separately (and in any order) and do not have to be sent in together. However, your application will not be evaluated until all materials have been received.

The credit verification section does need to be signed by your university. Veritas includes this portion in the application process to encourage participants to begin working with their U.S. university's study abroad office and familiarizing themselves with their specific requirements and policies. If you have already graduated please make a note saying that you do not wish to earn academic credit and sign in the specified area.

Travel Arrangements

Possibly, but you will need to contact a Veritas coordinator to discuss this matter.

Veritas semester students in England, Spain and Italy are responsible for making their way independently to the airport at the end of their program. However, Veritas offers return airport transportation for Chile semester students only on the designated departure date and from the designated airport.

You should make arrangements to return to the U.S. on the last day of the program, unless you want to extend your stay in your host country for personal travel. All Veritas activities will finish on the day prior to the last day of your program. If you stay in the host country longer to travel on your own, you may extend your medical insurance coverage for $25 per week. Please contact a Veritas coordinator before your final forms and payment due date to discuss this option.

This is decided on a case-to-case basis. If you would like to arrive late or early please contact a Veritas coordinator as soon as possible.

The first day of the program, which is listed on the website, should be your departure date from the United States. You will arrive in the host country on the following day due to the time difference. Please wait until you have been accepted into the program and received your acceptance packet with detailed flight information to purchase your flight.

Airport transfer is included for all participants arriving on their specified arrival date and time. Those participants arriving on a day other than the specified arrival day will need to find their own transportation from the airport, or contact a Veritas coordinator in their host city to arrange an airport pick-up for an extra fee.

No. Veritas does not arrange group flights for any programs. For more information please refer to the helpful resources section / airline resources of the website, or your site specific handbook for tips to help you purchase your airline ticket. However, it is very important that you wait until you have received your acceptance packet before buying your flight. There are certain time frames in which you must arrive in order for a Veritas representative to pick you up at the airport.

Your flight form and itinerary are due 4 weeks prior to the start date of your program. If we receive the information any later than that, we may not be able to arrange for you to be picked up at the airport and/or your flight information may not appear on the flight list in your final packet.

Passports and Visas

Veritas Abroad program countries vary greatly in their requirements for participants. While some participants may be required to obtain a student visa, others may be able to stay in the host country for the duration of their program as a tourist. The application process for a student visa also varies by country. Depending on the foreign consulate, Veritas Abroad participants will either have to apply for the visa in person, via an online application, or by mailing in all application materials.

Yes, just leave that section of the application blank, and send us a copy of your passport when you do receive it.

You can find passport applications and detailed information on how to apply on the webpage of the U.S. State Department: Generally, post offices and sometimes courthouses serve as passport application sites.

Yes, all Veritas program countries require that you have a passport. If you are not a U.S. citizen, please check with your local consulate for advice regarding traveling/studying in another country.

Payment, Withdrawals and Refunds

Please refer to the "Refund Policy" located on the program application.

Yes, if the complete Veritas application is not received by the application deadline, an applicant may be subject to a late fee of $150. Additionally, a late fee may be incurred if the program is not paid in full by the final forms and payment due date.

Yes. Students may pay program fees by credit card through the student portal or by requesting a credit card authorization form.