Study Abroad AND do Missions!

An exciting part of studying abroad with Veritas is being able to participate in mission work in your host city!  Studying abroad is an awesome experience on its own, but being able to do missions will multiply your experience.  It’s a great way to see Christianity in another culture and learn more about yourself and others.  You will be serving with students from all over the United States and making some great friends.

At each of our sites, you will be connected with a Mission Mentor who will meet with you regularly to help you connect to mission opportunities and Christian community. They love mentoring, praying and doing Bible studies with students. 

Participating with Veritas is a great option between short and long-term mission trips.  You will get a better understanding of the life of a missionary and have more time to make lasting relationships with people in your host country.  Your language skills will grow as you interact with the culture and learn more about the blessing of cross-cultural ministry all while you are getting college credit.  

Whether you are teaching Sunday school, working at an orphanage, working with abused persons or prayer-walking, you will be blessed as you serve a community and live out God's Word.  As you live your mission, the connections you will make with the people of your host city, other students, and the congregation at your church will increase your understanding of Christ’s love for the nations.


Possible Mission Opportunities

  • Campus Ministry       

  • Refugee Ministry

  • Orphanage Ministry

  • Worship Leading

  • Children's Ministry

  • Elder Care Ministry

  • Special Needs

  • Youth Work

  • English clubs

Student Quote:

"After spending 3 months in Spain with Veritas, I have learned a lot about missions and about how God uses our past to help us with our future. I had been a preschool Sunday school teacher at my church for about the past 3-4 years and because of my study abroad trip to Sevilla, I had to leave. Come to find out the church here was in need of a couple of Sunday school teachers. I thought I had left teaching kids to be with older people and to do other types of ministry, but God had other plans or rather the same plans. I was providing a service for the parents who wouldn't be able to enjoy the service on Sundays if someone was not watching there kids and teaching the children the fundamental truths of God's word. It was a great experience and the church even brought me and my partner up at the end of the year to thank us and to pray over us. It was such a glorious moment. God works in crazy ways, even if they don't seem that crazy." - Cathy I., Fall 2013 student from Kennesaw State University