Florianópolis, a city situated on an island in southeastern Brazil, is modern and cosmopolitan yet also blessed with tremendous natural beauty. Floripa, as it is called by locals, showcases over 42 beaches, rolling mountains, Atlantic rainforest, soft white sand dunes, and an array of offshore islands. As a complement to its natural beauty, this popular city has been named one of the best places to live and do business in a country that is rapidly becoming an economic superpower. Florianópolis is a unique destination where past, present and future coexist harmoniously, making it a fantastic place for a student wanting to study abroad in an active and dynamic city environment.

Florianópolis has endless activities for international visitors to enjoy. You can do many of these activities on your own or with friends, or they may be sponsored by Veritas. Upon arrival to Florianópolis, different sponsored cultural activities will be announced throughout your program abroad!

  •     Attend a Florianópolis soccer game
  •     Learn Capoeira (a folkloric dance/martial art)
  •     Pick up surfing at one of the many beaches
  •     Learn the Floripa-founded sport of sandboarding
  •     Visit Fonte Caldas da Imperatriz to bathe in natural thermal waters
  •     Learn to dance Samba
  •     Explore the many old Portuguese fortresses
  •     Climb the Mirante Morro da Cruz for breathtaking views of the city
  •     Take a Brazilian cooking class
  •     Sign up for a language exchange partner to meet locals and learn the language



Florianopolis Culture

Cultural Mix
The society of Brazil is marked by a mix of many races that come together and contribute to the country's language, cuisine, music, dance, religion, and architecture. Indigenous, Portuguese and African cultures were the first major contributors to Brazilian society, joined later by German, Italian and other non-Portuguese European settlers. The mix of races has made Brazil a culturally rich and at the same time unique country with all the diverse influences found in every aspect of Brazilian society.

Brazilian Friendliness 
Brazilians are found to be a very welcoming, happy, and overall friendly people. As close relationships are key in Brazilian interaction, personal and informal conversations take rein. The use of body language in communication is prevalent, and eye contact and close distances between the speakers are practiced. It is common for Brazilians to touch during friendly conversations and the typical greeting between friends is a kiss on the cheek, or hugs and pats on the back between males. 

Many travelers are drawn to the laid-back day-to-day lifestyle of Brazil. Whether it's enjoying a long evening with friends or family, lounging on the beach, or taking frequent coffee breaks, Brazilians love to take it easy. Brazilians place little importance on abstract rules like traffic laws, queues or punctuality—it is accepted and expected to show up for appointments thirty minutes late or at least an hour late to social events. The best way to enjoy this laid-back way of life of "tudo beleza" (all's beautiful) is to kick back and join in on all the smiles and laughs of Brazil.

Region and Population

Florianópolis is located in the state of Santa Catarina in the southern region of Brazil. This exceptionally beautiful city is situated on a small coastal peninsula and a main island connected by three bridges. Florianópolis, or Floripa as it is called by locals, is home to approximately 400,000 inhabitants spread across the Northern, modern half of the island, and the traditional rural South.



Florianópolis experiences a humid subtropical climate with seasons that are opposite to those of the northern hemisphere. In general, temperatures are warm, 82°F during the day and 72°F at night. June through September are the coolest months in Florianópolis, with fall-like temperatures of 57°F at night and the 72°F during the day. The rainy season in the region starts in December and ends in March.
Type Jan Feb Mar Apr May June Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Highs 82 83 82 78 73 70 69 69 70 73 77 80
Lows 71 71 69 65 60 56 56 57 59 62 66 69
Avg. Rainfall 7.2 8.1 7.6 4 4 3.1 3.9 3.8 5.2 5.2 5.2 6