Florianopolis Ministry*

In Brazil, students have connected with youth ministry, English language practice, small group discipleship, health education, college ministry, and tutoring. Students also have the opportunity to join young adults bible study through mission mentors, the Meadors. 

While abroad, students will be partnered with a Mission Mentor who will help them get involved with ministry opportunities and connect them with a local church and the Christian community in Florianopolis. Students will meet regularly with their Mission Mentor for prayer, reflection, and spiritual accountability; the spiritual support and opportunities will make their time abroad transformational!

The International Mission/Service-Learning Practicum will enhance and help students internalize their experience, and provides a great opportunity to reinforce cross-cultural missions, and earn college credit. The course formalizes the student's 7-10 hours of ministry including: reflection activities, journal entries, and cultural research. 


Blog Post from Florianopolis Spring Veritas student

This past weekend my missions mentor, Wendy and Stan, let me tag along on their trip down to Rio Grande do Sul (the state just south) to visit a small house church group. This house church meets in a small house that they just starting renting specifically for the church. Each week they gather together, there is about 20 of them, and have church. But it is not your typical church service or your typical congregation. They live life together. They are involved in each other's everyday lives. They help each other grow and learn. And it's beautiful.

While we were there for the weekend we had a "service" or teaching on Saturday night. We all sat around the living room in a circle (around the cutest old wood-burning stove). We sang together, prayed, and had a teaching. All the while passing around the famous Chimmarrã drink. This drink is really popular in southern Brazil but it is a perfect example of the idea of community present not only in this church but also in Brazil. They have this special type of cup, the mixture that makes up the drink, and a metal straw. They will fill the cup with hot water to brew the drink and then pass it to someone in the group to drink it. Once they are finished (and I learned your not done until it slurps!) it gets filled up with hot water again and passed to someone else. The drink just keeps going around, all drinking from the same straw, and most everyone drinks out of it. It is fascinating to me and I think such an accurate display of the community that they live in. Together, all sharing life, no matter what comes along.

I only got a glimpse into their lives. But they are some of the most hospitable, generous, welcoming people I think I have ever met. They let us stay in the "church house" for the weekend. They cooked us meals and made sure that we had everything we needed. And despite the language barrier, I was able to see Jesus shine through these people just by their love for each other and us. These people have a love and passion for God and the Word of God unlike anything I have seen. I could tell they crave time in the Bible, they crave time with God, and they crave time with each other. I really learned this weekend and got a good picture of what it looks like to live in true community.

To gather in a house and learn about God. It's not just about showing up to church once a week, but eating with each other, doing everyday life, and learning to love through the easy and the hard moments. My concept of community and what it means to live as a church has really been challenged since I have been here and especially this past weekend. I know my life back in the States is missing this type of church community. The type where you gather weekly in each other's houses. Making people feel welcomed, loved, and accepted for who they are. Eating together, doing the nitty-gritty parts of life with each other. God has really been pressing on my heart since we returned from the weekend to really better understand what community within the church should look like. That way it will be something that I can take back to the States."


Ministry opportunities may include:

- Campus outreach

- Children ministry

- Orphanage ministry

- Refugee ministry

- English clubs

- Worship & Bible studies

- Prayer & Intercession

- Homeless ministry

- Social Justice ministry

*Mission work differs by site & term. For ministry details for a specific term, please email info@veritasabroad.com