On-Site Office & Staff

The ISA/Veritas office is conveniently located inside the UNISUL's Ilha Centro campus where the students will take most of their classes. The office, in the center of downtown, provides a study room, computer/internet workstations, and a lounge area available for Veritas students. Students are encouraged to visit the ISA/Veritas facility (general office hours are 9:00am-6:00pm Monday through Friday) to check e-mail, receive tutoring, obtain travel advice, or to practice speaking Portuguese with the staff!


As a native of Florianópolis, Rodrigo is fascinated with international education. In 2008, he attended George Mason University in Alexandria, Virginia to study English, Italian and Global Affairs. In 2009, he spent two semesters in Wilmington, NC at UNCW to study French, Spanish and Business. He is currently pursuing a degree in International Relations. Rodrigo speaks English and Portuguese fluently and can also communicate in Italian, Spanish and French. Music, technology, animated film and television are among some of his passions. He enjoys getting to know people and he also especially likes helping ISA/Veritas students with their Portuguese.