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Brazil in the New Global Economy

Session: VFPU1120

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1. Course Content:
The course introduces the main debates about the "new" global economy and their implications for practice and policy. Students will Analyze the globalization process in order to understand their implications in the multiple aspects of socio-economical and contemporary political life and their repercussions on the corporations and States.

2. Course Objectives
Identify economic trends and draw scenarios in the international economics and international business.

Describe the main economic blocs and areas of economic integration, studying their implications and the rising of the "geo-economical World".

Explain why it is important to understand today's global economy.

3. Specific Objectives and Content

3.1 The political and economical drivers of the globalization process

3.2 International Trade and Globalization

3.3 Protectionism versus Liberalization of foreign trade

3.4 Relations between Globalization and economic development

3.5 Globalization in the emergent Countries: the "Brazilian case"

3.6 The regional International economic integration, Globalization and International trade

4. Grading Practical works and test lists approved with final grade higher than 7 points (maximum 10 points).

*Course content subject to change