Course Description

Course Name

Cellular Biology and Physiology

Session: VVPU1623

Hours & Credits

45 Contact Hours

Prerequisites & Language Level

Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


Course Description and Objectives
Cell Biology and Physiology is a survey course that will cover all principal functions of the cell and how these cellular functions shape the physiology of organisms. The spirit of the course is to draw how these cellular functions of living machines and those of man-made machines. The constant parallels between the functions of living machines and those of man-made machines. The emphasis will be on the general quantitative principles of behind cellular functions rather than on the details of the molecules involved. Whenever possible, the material seen in lectures will also be accompanied by laboratory experiments and problem sets so that the students acquire both the theoretical and practical skills necessary to apply independently the concepts studied in class.

After completing this course, the students should have acquired the following skills:

  • Understand the chemical and physical processes behind the principal functions of the cell.
  • Gain experience with the basic experimental techniques used to study cell biology and physiology.
  • Learn to solve quantitative physiological problems.
  • Be able to exploit the close parallel between the engineering problems solved by living organisms and those solved by humans.

Course Evaluation and Rules
The material for Cell Biology and Physiology will be covered via lectures, laboratories, and various homeworks. Active participation in all three types of activities is required of all students. The final grade for the course will be based on:

  • Three topical tests given at regular interval during the program (50%)
  • Homeworks, laboratory reports, and in-class activities performed over the semester (25%)
  • Final exam given in the exam period (25%)

Students having missed one of the activities will receive a grade of 1.0 unless they present a medical justification certified by the Undergraduate Secretary within 72 hours of their absence. Only those students having presented a proper justification will be allowed to submit their work at a later date; which under no circumstance will exceed 7 days after the original due date.

All infractions to the UAI Honor Code such as plagiarism among students and the use of published text without precise reference to the source will be referred to the Ethics Committee of the Undergraduate Dean.

*Course content subject to change