Course Description

Course Name

Entrepreneurship and New Business Venturing

Session: VPGS1221

Hours & Credits

46 Contact Hours

Prerequisites & Language Level

Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


Aims of the course:

The subject offers the overview of entrepreneurship and develops the understanding of specific entrepreneurial situations. It supports entrepreneurial attitudes and motivation and develops skills
needed for business start-up and efficient entrepreneurial approach. Another objective is to get in touch with real entrepreneurs and to understand their entrepreneurial spirit and skills. 


Learning outcomes and competences: 

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able:

  • to describe the entrepreneurial process and factors influencing entrepreneurial success, both from business and individual perspectives
  • to evaluate entrepreneurial opportunity
  • to analyze own strengths and weaknesses in relation to entrepreneurship
  • to apply different forms of intellectual property in relation to specific entrepreneurial idea
  • to prepare a business model and write down a business concept
  • to present business concept in front of the investors in the form of short and detailed presentation

Course content:

  • Entrepreneurship definition, framework models, entrepreneurship as a process, importance for the society and economy, entrepreneurial attitudes.
  • Entrepreneurial personality: Personality characteristics, skills, motivation, and attitudes of entrepreneurs. Analysis of own strengths and weaknesses related to business foundation and management.
  • Creativity development: The application of creativity in entrepreneurship.
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities recognition and development: Coming up with new ideas, innovation process. Recognition of unsatisfied market need and/or ineffectively used resources.
  • Becoming an entrepreneur: Start up activities and process, steps and challenges. Buying an existing venture.
  • Project validation: Techniques and concepts used for opportunity evaluation. Business idea development, business concept.
  • Acquisition of an entrepreneurial team and employees: composition and management of an entrepreneurial team.
  • Business idea and intellectual property.
  • Corporate entrepreneurship: the need for entrepreneurship in corporations, barriers and how to overcome them, innovation champion and his/her activities, entrepreneurship support.
  • Managing business growth: growth dimensions and phases. The role change: from an entrepreneur to a manager. Overcoming growth barriers. Self development and time management, finding balance between business running and personal life


Grading scale:
1 = 90 - 100%
2 = 75 - 89%
3 = 60 - 74%
Failed = below 60%


Assessment methods (weight):

  • Active lecture/seminar/workshop/tutorial participation/ attendance = 20%
  • Term paper = 30%
  • Presentation Manufacturing = 10%
  • Presentation B2B = 10%
  • Presentation B2C = 10%
  • Final written examination 20%
  • Total = maximum 100%



*Course content subject to change