Fall 3 2017


Course list Fall 3 2017

Fall 3 2017 (September 12, 2017 - December 16, 2017)
Catalog Code: VLNF3417

Students will enroll in the following:

  • Two Veritas courses
    • Veritas course Science and Faith (3 credits) required when minimum enrollment is met
    • International Missions/Service Learning Practicum (1-3 credits Pass/Fail)
  • Up to 50UK credits at Roehampton University to maintain full-time student status


Participation in Veritas courses is required in order to enhance the Veritas experience.


Science and Faith (3 credits)

One of the only undergraduate courses in the UK on science and religion, Science and Faith  studies the various models of integrating science and religion. Study the history, recent developments, philosophies, and concepts in both science and theology. Focus is placed in particular on Christian world views. (Course syllabus)

*This course only runs if the minimum enrollment is met.  Check with your program manager to confirm.


International Missions/Service Learning Practicum (1-3 credits Pass/Fail)

The practicum will enrich the program and mission experience through reflection assignments, research, and journaling. Participation is required in order to enhance the mission experience. Students will receive one credit upon completing the assignments and service participation. Students may elect to submit a log of hours for up to two additional credits. (Download syllabus here)



  • COURSE CREDIT: Per Roehampton University,
    • 10 UK credit classes= 3 semester credits/4.5 quarter units
    • 20 UK credit classes= 5 semester credits/7.5 quarter units
  • Classes are lecture style with a seminar (smaller group) following the lecture. Focus is on individual study.
  • Sample syllabi available upon request.
  • Foreign languages such as German, French, Arabic, Italian, and Japanese also available at university.