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Psychology in Practice 1

Session: VLNF3423

Hours & Credits

10 UK Credits

Prerequisites & Language Level

Please note that students will not be able to enroll in this course in combination with PSY020C154Y

Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


Assessment: reflective essay
The module is intended to cover several areas which, together, inform the student of the ways in which psychology is currently practiced both within the confines of the degree programme, and professionally. Broadly speaking, this will cover skills used within the psychology degree programme, knowledge of the foundations of psychology, and how psychology is applied to various situations. The intention is to better prepare students for the demands of the degree programme; to inform students of the historical and philosophical underpinnings of psychology, in order to increase understanding of psychology as it is practiced today; and incorporate personal development planning skills deemed necessary for success both during and after the degree programme. The module will also incorporate the personal tutoring system by having essay feedback and portfolio assessment carried out by the personal tutor assigned to each student. This will increase the contact time between the student and personal tutor and allow closer monitoring of each students progression through the first year.
The Psychology in Practice module will support overall programme aims by helping to foster the understanding of the real life application of theory to the full range of experience and behaviour. As the module covers the scientific method and how this applies to psychological research, it will also help develop an understanding of the role of empirical evidence in the creation and constraint of theory, and also in how theory guides the collection and interpretation of empirical data. With its emphasis on Personal Development Planning, the module will help the student to develop a range of transferable skills that will be useful to them in gaining employment after graduation and lay the foundations for life-long learning.

*Course content subject to change