Course Description

Course Name

Audio-visual Criticism

Session: VLNS3422

Hours & Credits

20 UK Credits

Prerequisites & Language Level

Prerequisite(s): FLM020C111Y/FLM020C112A/FLM020C114S

Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


Assessment: original piece of audiovisual criticism (3-5 min.) [70%], self-reflective written statement (1200 words) [30%] [all elements of assessment must be attempted; an overall pass is sufficient, provided that any failed components achieve marks within the condonable fail range (30 ? 39%)]
Please note that this module is a pre-requisite for FLM040X324Y (Audio-visual Dissertation) at level HE3
The aim of this module is to introduce students to the theory and practice of audio-visual criticism and to the work of a range of key filmmaker-essayists who have used the audio-visual essay form to conduct film analysis and study cinema history. It draws on, develops and combines some of the critical skills acquired in other areas of the programme, in particular Reading Visual Aesthetics, Forms of Cinema and Thinking About Film, and applies these to the study of cinema via the use of the current generation of digital editing software. It thus allows students to discover and explore innovative methods of film analysis and reflective criticism, by working directly with the sounds and images of cinema as resources for the production of audio-visual essays.

*Course content subject to change