Course Description

Course Name

Media City and Cultural Capital

Session: VLNU3522

Hours & Credits

10 UK Credits

Prerequisites & Language Level

Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


Module Rationale
This module will offer students an overview of the media and creative industries in London. It showcases the teaching and research expertise of staff at Roehampton working across the areas of Journalism & News Media and Media & Culture. This module will introduce students to topics ranging from the BBC and London's newspaper industry, to London's art and culture scene and the Olympic park. Incorporating a mixture of both class based sessions and visits, this module explores some of London's cultural arena and encourages students to draw on their own experience in order to make connections between what they see, know and read. This module also offers students the opportunity to gain some practical skills in the areas of Journalism & News Media and Media & Culture. Students will gain a familiarity with the capital city and encounter theories, concepts and practical skills that will prepare them for further study in Media and Arts based subjects.

Please note that:
* this module may be taken by different tutors
* weather permitting, there may be an amount of walking to various sites (arrangements can be made for wheelchair users and there is wheelchair provision in all galleries)
* students will be expected to use public transport and to buy travel tickets (wherever possible, the tutor will arrange meetings at optimum times for cheapest travel)
* most exhibitions will be free ? however, there may be the occasional special display with an entrance charge (in which case, the tutor would arrange the best group deal)
* there may be a theatre trip with additional cost (tutor would arrange the best possible price). This may be a matinee or evening performance.
Teaching and learning methods
(Attendance is compulsory unless otherwise stated)
* Lectures, seminars, group work and individual tutorials
* Film screenings and discussion
* Visits to museums, galleries and public spaces (students to allow for extra travel expenses and occasional entrance fees)
* Possible theatre trip (additional cost and therefore optional)

Learning Outcomes
Students who successfully complete this module will;
* have an understanding of the concept of public space and the development of London.
*Comprehend the development of London?s cultural centres and their role in the city?s tourist image and culture
* have a greater understanding of the ethics and responsibilities of museums and their curators
* have gained insight into the rationale behind national art and cultural collections, as well as specific temporary exhibitions
* have gained confidence in ?reading?, decoding and interpreting images and artefacts (and possibly film and television)
* have gained confidence in making connections between individual artefacts held in public displays; and between different collections

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*Course content subject to change