Course Description

Course Name

French Language: B1-2 (High Intermediate)

Session: VPRF1321

Hours & Credits

84 Contact Hours

Prerequisites & Language Level

Note: A placement exam will be required when you arrive on site.

High Intermediate

  • Prior to enrolling in courses at this language level, students must have completed or tested out of a minimum of three semesters (or five quarters) at the college level.



Express the past
Structure different type of tales

Sequence of tenses and the use of clues for place and time
Distinction between the imperfect and passé composé
The shaping and function value of the simple past

Linked to a life story: to be born, to grow up (big steps of life), town, city, hamlet (description of a place)
Linked to history and to current events of a country: to reign, to declare war, to succeed, the monarchy?
Linked to economical, political and current events information


To put forward: Hypothesis and condition, Express a wish, regret, blame, forecast, advice, suggestion

Values of conditional present and past tense
If + past perfect
The imperative used with several pronouns

To sensitize to nominalization, to derivation (to declare/ declaration, prison/imprisonment


Express logical links

The expression of the reason: because, since, like, for, indeed, given that, because of, thanks to, with
The expression of the consequence: thus, so much that, so that, that?s why
The expression of the purpose: for, for that, so as to, for fear that
The expression of the conceding: although, yet, nevertheless

Linked to quantity, statistics: a lot of, few of, most of the, the main part of the, a good/big part, a minority, the range of, a percentage, 10% of the?
Linked to the study of social phenomenon: homes, households, the youth, the retires, the executives, liberal professions?

*Course content subject to change