Course Description

Course Name

French Language: B1-1 (Intermediate)

Session: VPRF1321

Hours & Credits

84 Contact Hours

Prerequisites & Language Level

Note: A placement exam will be required when you arrive on site.


  • Prior to enrolling in courses at this language level, students must have completed or tested out of a minimum of two semesters (or three quarters) at the college level.


Each section is composed of 3 to 4 macro-objectives that need to be acquired in a minimum of 90 teaching hours (which correspond to 6 hours X 15 weeks). These 90 hours are the minimum teaching amount.


To express: Tastes, feelings, opinion, doubts
To put forward: Hypothesis

Verbs and expressions expressing tastes: to adore, to hate, to loathe smthg, to please?
I find that, I think that, in my opinion, according to me, to me
The subjunctive (past tense)
Si + imperfect, conditional

Vocabulary of characters, moral values
Construction of verbs : to love, to desire, to feel like, to appreciate followed by infinitive or not
To give back + infinitive
Levels of language: standard, familiar, formal


To compare and characterize people, situations, objects

The adjectives: shape, place, meaning
Adverbs which enable to moderate adjectives
Adverbs of manners: shaping and using
Possessive composed-relatives pronouns
Demonstrative pronouns

Vocabulary of the city (places, activities)
Vocabulary of family and friends bounds


Placing events in time diversifying moments of reference

Before + infinitive
After + past infinitive
The gerundive
The past perfect
The future
Past participle agreement rules (reflexive verbs)
Expressions: there is, there is that, since, during, without
The subjunctive after a verb (wish or obligation)

Daily activities, studies, the employment, travels, plans
The beginning, the sequence of events, the end of an action/ to start, to carry on, to stop, to undertake, to follow
Celebrations: related to family, bank holidays


Tell somebody to do something
Give advice, instructions
Report what was said using the past tense

Pronouns: the, them, in
Some conditional values: advice, blaming, proposition, forecasting
Indirect speech (past tense)

Vocabulary of rules and interdiction
Vocabulary of environment
Social relations: invitations, answers?
Letter expressions
Intransitive verbs of indirect speech

*Course content subject to change