Course Description

Course Name

Sponsorship and Event Marketing

Session: VPRF3121

Hours & Credits

3 US Credits

Prerequisites & Language Level

Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


The course is structured on "thematic" sessions, in that each session is based around a particular group of subjects that follow a theme. Each of the individual subject areas are supported by case study exercises. The course approach is based on resolving issues :
  • A knowledge transfer segment covering a specific topic. The topic is then integrated with the case study coverage in the same period. Each segment concentrates on the key principles, techniques and vocabulary related to that topic. The range of topics is detailed below.
  • The learning-by-doing segment, a case study and other practical exercises undertaken in teams that are designed to promote a general awareness of the subject and to develop the student?s presentation skills.
To provide the students with a practical framework of the strategic marketing process that can be applied to event marketing and the role of sponsorship whether in the sports, tourism, entertainment, business, or political sectors.
Upon completion of this course, students should have a solid grasp of how to:
1. Design, plan, and stage an event for promotional, fundraising, sports, etc. purposes
2. Construct a strategic marketing & P.R. plan for the event
3. Create sponsorship deals
4. Deal with logistics, risks, environmental impact
5. Effectively communicate and present their event project
20% Term Project
20% Case Studies & other assignments
15% Participation
20% Midterm Exam
25% Final Exam
Session 1
Chapter 1&2
The syllabus and requirements. An Introduction to Events, What is Retailtainment, Event & Experiential Marketing?
Session 2
Chapter 3
The Event Business Supply and Suppliers
Session 3
Chapter 4
Implications & Impacts of Events
Session 4
Chapter 5
Planning an Event & Sponsorship
Session 5
Chapter 6
Sports Participants/Spectators & Sponsorship
Session 6
Chapter 7
Sponsorship bis, Event Logistics & Supplies
Session 7
Mid-Term Exam
Political Marketing Fundraising, celebrity involvement
Session 8
Chapter 8
Event Marketing & Public Relations
Session 9
Chapter 9
Risk Management and Legal Obligations
Session 10
Chapter 10
Event Project Management
Session 11
Chapter 11 & 12
Organization during the Event, Close down, Post Evaluation
Session 12
Final Exam
Final Presentations

*Course content subject to change