Course Description

Course Name

Paris, a Capital in History

Session: VPRS1322

Hours & Credits

42 Contact Hours

Prerequisites & Language Level

High Beginning

  • Prior to enrolling in courses at this language level, students must have completed or tested out of a minimum of one semester (or two quarters) at the college level.

Low Intermediate

  • Prior to enrolling in courses at this language level, students must have completed or tested out of a minimum of two semesters (or three quarters) at the college level.


1 / General objectives of the course:

To acquire a basic vocabulary in history
Better understand France and its culture
Discover what makes up the collective memory of the French
Get to know Paris better and its history

2 / Pedagogical approach of the teacher

The progress of the course follows the chronology.

Homework: vocabulary and lessons to learn, research on the internet

3 / Support provided by the teacher: a booklet is provided by the teacher (texts, maps, reports, films, tables, comic books ...). Two compulsory museum visits

4 / Summary bibliographical references From the Renaissance to the Enlightenment, DVD Scéren (2002) The Century of Revolutions 1789-1889, DVD Scéren (2009) Paris, a Capital in History, DVD Scéren (2005) The History of France in Comics , B. Heitz and D. Joly (2012) School textbooks

5 / Evaluation:

3 notes of knowledge checks in class. (75%)

Work at home (25%)

The controls focus on historical knowledge and course-specific vocabulary.

Attendance at table checks is required to obtain the certificate.

6 / Attendance, punctuality MAXIMUM NUMBER OF ABSENCES: TWO

Beyond, neither the Attendance Certificate nor the Certificate of Achievement can be awarded.

Repeated delays are considered absences.

Any absence must be justified.

It is up to you to inquire (with a friend) about the work done and the tasks you have requested.


Day Theme

1. Lutèce

2. Medieval Paris

3. The Renaissance and the Wars of Religion

4. Control of knowledge n ° 1 Louis XIV and Paris

5. Walk in ancient Paris and visit the crypt of Notre-Dame

6. The French Revolution

7. Napoleon 1st

8. Historical walk in the center of Paris - The Commune

Control of Knowledge No. 2 The First World War and the Roaring Twenties

11. public holiday

12. The Second World War and occupation

13. Visit of the Museum of General Leclerc-Museum of the Liberation of Paris

14. Knowledge Check n ° 3 May 68

Achievements of the Presidents of the Fifth Republic

*Course content subject to change