Course Description

Course Name

Analysis & Communications

Session: VPRS3122

Hours & Credits

3 US Credits

Prerequisites & Language Level

ENGL 120 - Critical Reading and Writing (or equivalent)

Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


T. S. Eliot observed that criticism ? the ability to articulate what passes in our minds ? is as inevitable as breathing. However, today, the process of understanding what we think and what others think too on an issue is complex. The multiplicity of information sources e.g. user collaboration, user-generated content and social networking as well as more traditional forms of information, along with the sheer availability, abundance and immediacy of all this information, pose a serious challenge. Therefore, it is vital that we are able to articulate and frame our own position effectively while identifying the real issues within multiple and conflicting points of view.

The course objective is to introduce students to the key aspects of effective argumentation. They will learn to evaluate both the structure and style of arguments in a variety of texts (written, podcasts and videos). The course will explore different types of reasoning (inductive, deductive and analogical) as well as exploring the psychology of how our minds work in forming ideas and opinions on different issues (exploring Daniel Kahneman?s insights into fast and slow thinking).

- Reason their way through to a position by considering the evidence available
- Anticipate what objections are likely to be raised to a position or their point of view
- Know how to examine positions by probing their assumptions and consequences
- Be aware of the effect of emotions, feelings, prejudice and bias in a position and in their own thinking
- Revise their position in light of new and compelling information and evidence
- Express their position clearly and persuasively

*Course content subject to change