Course Description

Course Name

Doing Business in the Middle East & Africa

Session: VPRS3221

Hours & Credits

3 US Credits

Prerequisites & Language Level

Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


Middle East (including Turkey), North Africa & Sub Saharan Africa (MENASSA) is a world ?in transition?, living a pivotal and challenging time. Despite the current turmoil in several parts of the Middle East region and in Africa, MENASSA is one of the most promising Emerging Markets, with sustained growth, significant resources and huge multi-sector investment opportunities. Although current political situation in this strategic part of the world is still confusing, it will end up with structural liberalization reforms and hopefully the integration and consolidation of democracy standards & parameters.
Knowing more about DOING BUSINESS in this region is essential for investment bridging and business development from and towards MENASSA. Therefore, this course intends to provide students with insight overview & knowledge about the region, structured in a business intelligence approach applying as much as possible a SWOT analysis, whether in a vertical perspective (country per country) or in transversal manner, (comparing issues cross-countries or cross-sub-regions in MENASSA or versus the other parts of the world).
The course intends to cover: (A) geopolitics of MENASSA, (B) the geostrategic aspects prevailing in it, (C) Sociology, Language and Cultural Aspects specific to MENASSA and impacting doing business, (D) Politics & Institutions, (E) Businesses & Markets, (F) Laws & Regulations, (G) Business Development, (H) Market trends, (I) Industry Focus (Energy, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Hospitality & Tourism, Sports & leisure, Infrastructure etc.).
Course package contains case studies, articles and current events in MENASSA
Midterm exam- 35%, Final exam ? 30%, Cases/assignments/group projects (written and oral)/
participation ? 35%

*Course content subject to change