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Course Name

Human Resource Management (Online Course)

Session: VPRS3221

Hours & Credits

3 US Credits

Prerequisites & Language Level

Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


Please note that this is an online course.

Since we are using the Cross Knowledge platform and its resources, we are offering students a primer on Human Resource Management. The course will give students a valuable insight as to the role an HR executive will play or even an entrepreneur can assume with respect to hiring, evaluating, motivating, and managing their employees and staff.

Although traditionally, the course would follow the route of managerial and also sometimes orthodox teaching subjects such as legal, salary, and other HR related issues, this course is designed to allow students to gain some knowledge as to the workings of HR and also how to manage issues which are more current and relative to our times such as Diversity, Conflicts, and Change.
The course is divided into general categories of
i. Introduction to HRM
ii. Motivation and Competence
iii. Recruitment and Appraisal Process
iv. Managing Conflict, Diversity and Change

- To understand and learn key concepts for Human resource management such as hiring, skill assessment, and managing conflicts, and appraisals.
- To be able to analyze candidates strengths and weaknesses with regards to job suitability and personnel allocation
- To be aware of the important challenges facing business managers regarding hiring new recruits, promotion, firing, or managing differences and conflicts.

CrossKnowledge access provided to all class students.

Assignments 30%, Case Studies 30 %, Final Group Project 40%

*Course content subject to change