Course Description

Course Name

Internship - 2 Month

Session: VPRS3221

Hours & Credits

6 Contact Hours

Prerequisites & Language Level

Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


The internship is a 2-month training program to be carried out following the spring term of the study abroad experience and includes:
  • 6 Academic credits
  • Professional internship report
  • A one-on-one tutor
  • Convention de stage (to meet French visa/work requirements)
The internship must be connected to the student's professional goals & be related to his/her major. This internship could help determine the type of job which the student will be able to obtain after graduation. It is a firm step toward employment that offers the opportunity to apply what is learned in the classroom before permanently entering the job market.
How the internship works:
Students will receive suggestions of internship placements according to their area of interest while abroad. In order to be hired as an intern, students must adhere closely to all deadlines that will be communicated at the start of the term. Students enrolling in this program are guaranteed an internship placement and will be placed once in Paris, however, students should have flexibility regarding their specific organizational placement. Students will work to the French standards of \\\"full-time\\\", which is typically 35 hours per week.
Below is a list of potential internship partner organizations. Please note that these organizations are subject to change from term to term:
Galéries Lafayette
Gap/Banana Republic
Groupe Royer
Groupe Royer (New Balance)
Michael Kors
Société Générale
Brand Image
Spilan - Ateliers de la Maille
Antin Infrastucture Partners
FXCM/Plateform Trading
Akzo Nobel
Alpha Direct Service
Sarl Mathis
Students will be assigned a tutor once they have secured their internship contracts. Students will arrange a timeline for being in contact with the tutor on a regular basis. Students will share drafts of their reports with the tutor at regular intervals and receive feedback for improvement and guidance about next steps.
Tutors assist the student by:
  • Providing ongoing support on specific aspects of the student's job responsibilities
  • Guiding students through the development of the final internship report
  • Giving feedback on specific areas of interest within the report
Final Internship Report:
Students will complete an internship report to be submitted at the end of the program. The report should be typed and be between 20-30 pages, double spaced, following the layout shared by the tutor. The goal is to produce a report showing newfound competencies (such as collecting data, analysis & audit, synthesis, perseverance towarda goal, integration into existing work teams, self assessment of learning with skill indicators, proof of the acquisition of competencies, etc.). The purpose is to give value to the internship experience, for the student, the participating company, the school, and any company who might be interested in recruiting the student in the future.
The content of the report should include:
- Cover page
- Executive Summary
- Company introduction and detail
- Job description, assignments, responsibilities, and goals
- Analysis of the company's position, strengths, weaknesses, competition, market, etc.
- Acknowledgements & appendices
In all cases, deadlines must be respected. Failure to meet deadlines will result in a failing grade.
Final Internship Reports must be received by the host institution no later than 15 days after the last work day. LATE REPORTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AND WILL RESULT IN A FAILING GRADE. The Internship Evaluation Sheet must be completed by the company and inserted into the report or emailed separately to the host institution within the same deadline.

*Course content subject to change