Course Description

Course Name

Summer Academy: Language, Careers and Culture

Session: VPRU3322

Hours & Credits

3 US Credits

Prerequisites & Language Level

FREN110: Beginning French is typically recommended but not required

Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


This program is designed to expose students to cultural and career development experiences unique to their stay in Paris. The program is a series of specific activities built around culture exposure, language and cultural exchange, as well as future career opportunities, and introductions to new industries and areas of career development. The concept of this extension program is to leverage the students’ proximity to the fashion and luxury industry in Paris, as well as companies from innovative startups to large multi-national Paris-based organizations, to bring a new perspective to the students’ viewpoint of their career path ahead. Students will be introduced to business vocabulary as well as have the opportunity to spend time with native francophone students who are motivated to exchange and learn more about their culture and language.

The objectives of this extension program are to expose students to areas that they would normally not have access to – cultural, language, career development, and more – and to leverage their time in Paris. Students will enrich their study abroad experience by going beyond the typical classroom into the community and business world that surrounds them. By taking advantage of this extension program, students will learn how to leverage this unique experience for future career opportunities.

Upon completion of this course students should be able to:

  • Introduce themselves in French in a professional environment (networking session)
  • Have a greater exposure and better understanding of general French conversation
  • Understand and appreciate important French cultural centers
  • Be more integrated into a Parisian lifestyle
  • Develop their career goals to include new areas and industries
  • Understand where future career opportunities intersect with their skill set
  • Leverage their summer abroad experience to broaden their career opportunities

The final grade will be determined as follows:

  • 20% Student Participation and Engagement
  • 30% Language Exam
  • 20% CMP Quizzes
  • 30% Final Exam


  • 2 x Career Management Program (CMP) workshops
  • 1 x corporate visit
  • 1 x corporate guest speaker
  • 5 x language exchange lunches
  • 3 x cultural visits

*Course content subject to change