Course Description

Course Name

Art, Power and Propaganda

Session: VRMS3122

Hours & Credits

3 Credits

Prerequisites & Language Level

A 300-level Art History course 

Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


This course will investigate the intersection of visual culture, art, architecture and urban planning, with political power: art as propaganda for modern regimes. The seminar‐style investigation will approach themes of art and propaganda as they were developed in a limited range of 20th‐century political climates, particularly Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, with connections to related historical and political examples. This seminar will venture beyond the traditional boundaries of Art Historical study by bringing into discussion the current state of research in nationalism and ritual studies on a theoretical foundation in aesthetics. The goal of the course is to advance superior argumentation, evaluate and employ primary historical source material (in translation) and apply current theoretical approaches to art historical research.

*Course content subject to change