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Management and Organisations

Session: VDNS3121

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Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


Develops understanding of individual and group behaviour, communications, and the management of operations and human resources within organisations.

Whatever we do and wherever we go we end up dealing with organisations in some way: sometimes as a customer, sometimes as an employee, sometimes as an owner. So regardless of what major you are studying or what career aspirations you have, management and organisations will be a large part of your future. The aim of BSNS 105 is to help you prepare for that future!

Teaching Arrangements
BSNS 105 is structured around two one-hour lectures per week and one tutorial, most weeks.
Summer School - Two two-hour lectures per week and weekly tutorials.

Course Structure
BSNS 105 offers a broad introduction to the disciplinary field of management. It covers a range of specific topics clustered within five specific themes:
- The external organisation environment
- Planning
- Organising
- Leading
- Controlling within organisation

Learning Outcomes
- Demonstrate an understanding of key concepts introduced during the course that relate to the task of management within a range of organisations
- Characterise a managerial context and offer an evaluation of what the organisation or management face and how they might now act or respond
- Synthesise key concepts introduced within the course regarding organisations, the role of manager and the act of leading and managing individuals, teams and groups within an organisation
- Demonstrate research skills
- Reflect on your contribution to effective and respectful team work
- Demonstrate competency in scholarly verbal communication skills, in the form of a formal team presentations
- Demonstrate a competency with scholarly written communication practices
- Demonstrate an appreciation of ethical issues that relate to organising and managing

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*Course content subject to change