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Theories of Justice

Session: VDNS3121

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18 Credit Points

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An exploration of different theories of justice from ancient to contemporary times. Examples may include justice as a social contract, justice as impartiality, distributive justice, reconciliation and restorative justice, and retributive justice.
This paper explores different theories of justice in contemporary political thought. All societies need rules. But what constitutes a just law and why? What might be a fair distribution of society's resources? Do we need to accommodate and affirm gender and cultural differences in our public policies and laws, or should justice be blind to such differences? And how should we punish those who transgress our laws? The topics we examine include human rights and distributive justice; freedom and equality; the politics of community, representation and difference; retributive justice and revenge; forgiveness and reconciliation; and historical injustice.

Learning Outcomes
Demonstrate an understanding of different views on justice in contemporary political theory

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