Course Description

Course Name

Information and Communications Technology

Session: VDNS3121

Hours & Credits

18 Credit Points

Prerequisites & Language Level

Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


Explores fundamental components of ICT and related issues. Examines the influences and impacts ICT has and may have in the future. Students will apply widely-used software applications to perform real-world business activities.

This paper is a perfect entry level paper on ICT. It covers the main aspects of ICT uses for all domains.

Teaching Arrangements
Semester One and Two: One lecture and One lab per week (double the number indicated for Summer School)

Course Structure
One essay, two practical tests and final exam

Learning Outcomes
- Be able to identify and describe the key aspects of modern information and communication technologies (ICT)
- Be able to identify and discuss the broader societal issues and emerging trends relating to ICT
- Be able to apply a number of popular software applications to solve real-world problems
- Be able to describe how ICT integrates with and supports business-related activities
- Exhibit a superior capacity to adapt to, and benefit from, the continued rapid development of ICT

Beekman and Beekman, Digital Planet: Tomorrow's Technology and You 10e, Prentice-Hall, 2012

*Course content subject to change