Course Description

Course Name

Professional Practice 1A

Session: VDNS3122

Hours & Credits

18 Credit Points

Prerequisites & Language Level

Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


The development of musicianship skills necessary to enter a career in the popular music industry, particularly as a studio musician.
MUSI 146 develops musicianship skills necessary to enter and maintain a career in the popular music industry, particularly for those students intending to work as freelance musicians in a variety of musical contexts. The paper is constructed around a repertoire-based curriculum drawn from rhythm and blues music that includes studies in instrumental technique, sight reading/singing, and ensemble performance. The demands placed on modern professional musicians are such that musicians are expected to be ?jacks of all trades' and masters of many. The course teaches you how to adopt a ?chameleon'-like ability to adapt to highly specific stylistic musical areas.

Learning Outcomes
-Be able to demonstrate a secure technical foundation on their instrument
-Will have acquired competency in performance, analysis and aural recognition of musical components within the set repertoire and broadened knowledge of the techniques used by leading instrumental and vocal exponents
-Be able to critically review interpretative/presentational issues by the application of personal performance criteria
-Be able to demonstrate competence in sight reading/singing and improvisation
-Be able to manage personal practice and rehearsal time
-Begin to evaluate the presentations of peers

Text books are not required for this course.

*Course content subject to change