Course Description

Course Name

Renaissance Art

Session: VDNS3122

Hours & Credits

18 Credit Points

Prerequisites & Language Level

One 100-level ARTH paper or 54 points

Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


The visual and cultural development of European art in the Renaissance period from the early 1400s to the 1600s.

ARTH 215 - Renaissance Art examines the art and culture from a time that became increasingly defined by innovation and the formation of new artistic practices and traditions. It is focused on selected paintings, sculpture and print-making from that time - works that encapsulate those changes. We will be examining the artistic traditions, the cultural and theoretical complexities of that time.

Learning Outcomes
- To build on students' knowledge of the range of art produced during the Italian Renaissance
- To encourage the students understanding of Italian Renaissance art and to enable them to have an informed critical perspective and discriminating appreciation of it
- To further develop critical skills in basic research, study and verbal and written communication of ideas

*Course content subject to change