We provide the opportunity for students to experience aspects of the Glasgow and Stirling lifestyle that are inaccessible to the average visitor of Scotland.  All housing options are within walking distance to the University of Glasgow or University of Stirling.

Students are normally allocated single and sometimes double occupancy bedrooms in campus run accommodations within a 10-minute walk to the main campus. The dorms are filled with international students as well as local students from around the U.K. This mix allows program participants the opportunity to meet students from a variety of backgrounds and is the ideal setting for students looking for a cultural immersion experience.

Meals are NOT included:

Housing is guaranteed and included in the price of all ISA-Veritas programs. In Scotland and London, students will stay in university dormitories.  ALL DORMITORIES IN THE UK ARE SELF-CATERED. The cost for meals is NOT included in Scotland or London.

A $500 refundable security deposit will be charged to students living in ISA arranged housing. ISA may retain some, or all, of this deposit in the case of damage to property, or if utility usage exceeds the allotted monthly amount.