Course Description

Course Name

Magnetism & Superconductivity

Session: VGSS3120

Hours & Credits

10 Scotcat Credits

Prerequisites & Language Level


This course will explore the key principles and applications of Magnetism & Superconductivity, and their relevance to current developments in physics.

By the end of this course students will be able to:
(1) Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of Magnetism and Superconductivity through the description and analysis of processes, relationships and techniques relevant to the following topics: diamagnetism and paramagnetism; ferromagnetism; macroscopic behaviour of ferromagnets; applications of magnetic materials; achievement and measurement of low temperatures; superconductivity ? basic properties and phenomenological description; superconductivity on a microscopic scale; superconducting devices; ceramic ?high temperature? superconductors.
(2) Write down and, where appropriate, either prove or explain the underlying basis of physical laws relevant to the course topics, discussing their applications and appreciating their relation to the topics of other courses taken.
(3) Apply the ideas and techniques developed in the lectures to solve general classes of problems which may include straightforward unseen elements.

*Course content subject to change