Course Description

Course Name

Celtic Place-Names Of Scotland

Session: VGSS3120

Hours & Credits

20 Scotcat Credits

Prerequisites & Language Level


This course introduces the student to onomastics, the study of place-names, and through Celtic place-names investigates the many-layered language history of Scotland; it will focus on the evidence given by place-names for interaction among different peoples, social and religious institutions, political geography and political change, and local tradition. There is language content to the course, but it is also suitable for students who have not done Gaelic
By the end of this course students will be able to:
? identify the various linguistic strands among the Celtic place-names of Scotland;
? recognise key place-name elements and comment on their meaning and distributions;
? discuss the historical, political, religious and linguistic significance of place-names;
? demonstrate a proper methodological approach to the study of place-names, and an awareness of the problems involved.
class preparation and participation 5%
2000 word essay 25%
One 1500-2000 written summary based on workshop (20%)
2 hour exam (50%)

*Course content subject to change