Course Description

Course Name

Game Theory for Economists

Session: VGSS3120

Hours & Credits

15 Scotcat Credits

Prerequisites & Language Level


The course reviews the main concepts of Game Theory, both in the non-cooperative and cooperative models, and explains their importance in economics and other social sciences.
The aims of the course are:
  • To show that most interactions of economic agents can be modelled as strategic games for instance, oligopolistic competition, face to face bargaining, multilateral exchange, auctions, and voting by majority.
  • To formalise such interactions by means of static or dynamic games, and the key concepts of
  • Nash equilibria and core stability.
  • To explain when and if such equilibria can be found and how to compute them.
  • To interpret the light they cast on the economic question that motivates them in the first place.

*Course content subject to change