Course Description

Course Name

Orogens And Basins

Session: VGSS3120

Hours & Credits

10 Scotcat Credits

Prerequisites & Language Level


Short Description
The study of active orogenic belts and sedimentary basin development.

Coursework exercises and essay completed during the field excursion (coursework includes rock descriptions, graphical logging, field sketching)
Reassessment is not possible as this is a field class.

Course Aims
To introduce the study of active orogenic belts and sedimentary basin development, using the Betics as an example.
Intended Learning Outcomes of Course
To recognize, describe and document a range of rocks types and geological features within an active orogenic setting and determine their environment of formation.
To explain the surface and lithospheric processes involved in orogen and basin development.
To integrate a range of geological evidence to construct models of tectonic history and depositional environment.
To use the timescales of geological processes in an active tectonic setting to understand the evolution of ancient orogens.
To explain the complexity of orogenic belts, with particular reference to the western Mediterranean region.

*Course content subject to change