Course Description

Course Name

Mechanical Behaviour of Materials

Session: VCPF3121

Hours & Credits

12 Contact Hours

Prerequisites & Language Level

Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


Course outline: This course aims to provide an understanding of the relationships between the structure of materials and its response to applied stress. This understanding is then used in order to solve problems related to appropriate materials selection for design and in failure analysis case studies. Topics will include: elasticity and the importance of modulus in engineering design; the influence of bond strength and crystal structure, plastic flow in crystals and polycrystals by dislocation movement; strengthening mechanism in metals and alloys; annealing and heat treatment procedures; design for safety, stress concentration and residual stress considerations; failure in metals; ductile and brittle fractures; critical flaw size for crack propagation; fracture toughness of materials; stress conditions for fatigue and creep deformation; fracture mechanics; failure analysis and failure case studies.

12 NQF credits at level 7; 36 lectures, 1 prac/ tutorial. Third-year, first-semester course.

DP requirements:
Assessment: Coursework (30%), Examination (70%)

*Course content subject to change