Course Description

Course Name

Principles of Ecology and Evolution

Session: VCPF3121

Hours & Credits

24 Host University Units

Prerequisites & Language Level

BIO1000F or BIO1000H, BIO1004F/S.

Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


This course explains how species have evolved and are adapted to the environments in which they live. Topics include: an introduction to evolution, natural selection, inheritance and genetics; ecology at the community, population and individual levels; animal and plant life histories and interactions. The formal lectures and practicals will be supported by a 5-day compulsory field camp.

Fieldwork: One 5 day field trip during April vacation.

DP requirements: 50% for class record; submission of assignments on schedule and attendance at field camp held during the Easter vacation.

Assessment: A 2-hour theory examination will count for 50% of the course with a sub-minimum of 40%. Coursework marks will be allocated as follows: Practical classes (assessed weekly) count 15%; project based on field camp data collection counts 20%; one class test counts 15%.

*Course content subject to change