Course Description

Course Name

Numerical Methods in Geomatics

Session: VCPS3119

Hours & Credits

16 Host University Units

Prerequisites & Language Level


This course aims to consolidate knowledge acquired in the introductory course on adjustment, and provide skills and knowledge required to solve all standard adjustment problems. Topics include: advanced least squares modelling using the parametric adjustment case, condition equation adjustment, survey statistics, network design, elimination of nuisance parameters, combined and general case, quasi-parametric case, parametric adjustment with condition equations for the unknowns, generalised inverses, free net adjustment, S-transformation and programming of least squares applications.

DP requirements: Completion of practical assignments to the satisfaction of the course convener and a minimum average of 35% for all tests.

Assessment: Tests count 15%, practical assignments count 25%, examination 3 hours counts 60% (sub minimum 40%).

*Course content subject to change