Course Description

Course Name

Computer Science 2001

Session: VCPS3119

Hours & Credits

24 Host University Units

Prerequisites & Language Level


This course builds on the first year Computer Science foundation with an emphasis on data storage and manipulation. The coursecovers abstract data types and assertions, recursive algorithms, tree structures such as AVL and B-trees, graph traversals, minimum spanning trees, sets, hashing and priority queues. An introduction to conceptual modelling, database design and relational database manipulation is included. Practical programming in Java in a Unix environment is an important part of the course.

DP requirements: Minimum of 45% aggregate in practical work.

Assessment: Tests count for 16.7%; practicals count 33.3%; one 3-hour paper written in June counts 50%. Subminima: 45% on weighted average of theory tests and examination.

*Course content subject to change