Course Description

Course Name

Computer Science 1010

Session: VCPS3122

Hours & Credits

18 Host University Units

Prerequisites & Language Level

Course entry requirements: The permission of the Dean or Head of Department is required prior to registration for this course.
NOTE: Credit will not be given for CSC1015F and CSC1016S together with any of the following: CSC1010H, CSC1011H.

Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


Course outline:
This course only begins in week 7 and is intended for students who have been advised to transfer to this course after initially registering for CSC1015F (see entry for CSC1015F). It places an emphasis on the strengthening of foundational concepts and skills, the carefully-paced introduction of new material, and the development of sound approaches to effective learning. Note that CSC1010H is equivalent to CSC1015F in level, credit value and as prerequisite for certain other courses.
This course is an introduction to problem solving, algorithm development and programming in the Python language. It includes fundamental programming constructs and abstractions, sorting and searching techniques, and machine representations of data. The practical component covers input/output, conditionals, loops, strings, functions, arrays, lists, dictionaries, recursion, text files and exceptions in Python. Students are taught testing and debugging, as well as sorting and searching algorithms, algorithm complexity and equivalence classes. Number systems, binary arithmetic, boolean algebra and logic gates are also introduced.

*Course content subject to change