Course Description

Course Name


Session: VCPS3122

Hours & Credits

18 Host University Units

Prerequisites & Language Level



Course entry requirements:

A minimum mark of 50% for ECO1010F/S or ECO1110H/F/S. ECO1010F/S may be taken concurrently with ECO1011F/S if ECO1010 has been previously attempted. 

Course outline:

This course is an introductory level course in macroeconomic theory and policy. Macroeconomics studies the aggregate behavior of the economy. The list of topics covered include gross domestic product, economic growth, unemployment, inflation, exchange rates, balance of payments, business cycles, fiscal and monetary policy tools and objectives. The course will build on macroeconomic relationships to develop models explaining various interactions within the economy, providing students with a framework for understanding and interrogating the workings of the economy. The course emphasizes relevant and current issues in the context of South African economic history. We also explore South Africa’s relationship with the rest of the world.

DP requirements:

All class tests and assignments/essays/projects to be completed. Attend at least 70% of tutorials. Satisfactory completion and timeous submission of at least 70% of tutorials. A weighted average mark of 30% for tests, tutorials, essays and assignments. Only students who have obtained DP certificates may write the final examination. Assessment: Coursework: 50%; Exam: 50%. The course outline will detail the breakdown for submission weightings and variation for exemptions and absences. 

*Course content subject to change