Spring 2 2019: STEM, Social Sciences & Liberal Arts


Course list Spring 2 2019: STEM, Social Sciences & Liberal Arts

Spring 2 2019: STEM, Social Sciences & Liberal Arts (February 23, 2019 - June 22, 2019)
Catalog Code: VSOS3219

Semester + Semester term available with $1,500 discount

Students are required to maintain full-time student status during their programs, including:

  • Global Mission Perspectives required when minimum enrollment is met
    • (45 contact hours/3 semester credits; taught by Veritas professor)
  • International Missions/Service-Learning Practicum required
    • (1-3 Pass/Fail semester credits; facilitated by Veritas Mission Mentor)
  • Other courses at Korea University to maintain full-time student status (minimum 12 credits, maximum 20 credits total)

Minimum Admissions Prerequisites

  • All students must have received their valid passport in order to participate and be accepted into the program. Students who do not yet have a passport MUST apply for one as soon as possible and may need to pay for expedited processing.
  • Minimum Admissions Prerequisites: Students must have completed a minimum of two semesters at a 4-year university at time of application. Some exceptions may apply, please contact the Program Manager for more information.

Students must also submit a letter of recommendation from an academic reference, a letter of intent, color passport copy, and ISA-Veritas health clearance form along with their standard ISA-Veritas application. Contact your Veritas Program Manager for the health clearance form if it does not appear in your student portal.

*Language courses are not required but encouraged for beginning level students. 

Courses taught in English are in some cases subject to change to Korean. Students must have alternative course selections pre-approved by their home university prior to going abroad. Korea University reserves the right to make changes to the list of courses as necessary during the add/drop period.

Please email info@veritasabroad.com to request sample syllabi for courses.

Veritas Courses

Participation in Veritas courses is required in order to enhance the Veritas experience.

Global Mission Perspectives (3 credits)

The purpose of this course is to survey the mission activity of God in the world, past, present and future.  The course material and lectures will cover the biblical and the historical basis of God’s global purposes, missions strategies, cultural issues and contemporary missiological issues. The material will be presented through lectures, class and group discussions, video, guest speakers, reading assignments and work sheets. (Download syllabus here)

*This course only runs if the minimum enrollment is met.  Check with your program manager to confirm.


International Missions/Service Learning Practicum (1-3 credits Pass/Fail)

The practicum will enrich the program and mission experience through reflection assignments, research, and journaling. Participation is required in order to enhance the mission experience. Students will receive one credit upon completing the assignments and service participation. Students may elect to submit a log of hours for up to two additional credits. (Download syllabus here)

Course Options at Korea University

Known as one of Seoul's "SKY Universities," similar to the "Ivy League" in the U.S., Korea University is a world-class institution featuring a dynamic educational environment, beautiful and conveniently located campus, and top-quality student facilities. It prides itself not only on being a progressive and globally conscious institution, but also one that plays a role in preserving and developing Korean culture.

Please Note: The courses below reflect the most current list of courses released by the host university. While the list may be used as a general guide while completing your pre-registration form, course offerings and enrollment will not be confirmed until students are on site. Please contact the South Korea Veritas Representative for more information regarding course registration for this program.

Course Level Recommendations
ISA-Veritas offers course level recommendations for the courses listed below. Please note that the course level recommendations are based on Korea University course codes. All Korea University course codes consist of four letters detailing the subject area (such as BUSS for Business) followed by a three-digit course number between 1xx and 4xx. 1xx-2xx level courses are introductory or lower division courses equivalent to freshman or sophomore level courses. 3xx-4xx level are advanced, junior and senior level courses. Courses with codes beginning with a 3 or 4 are recommended as upper division. These ISA-Veritas recommendations are intended to facilitate the determination of course equivalencies by advisors and credential evaluators at participants' U.S. home institutions.