Course Description

Course Name

Theories of Practice and Reading Comprehension in L2

Session: VSOS3221

Hours & Credits

3 Credits

Prerequisites & Language Level

Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


Course requirements and basis for grading:

1. Attendance and participation (10%): Your regular attendance and responsiveness to the lectures and class discussions will be important considerations in your final grade. (2 times late = 1 absence; 1 absence = -1 from the final grade; more than 15 minutes late = absence)
2. Tutoring Project (50%)
You will have a semester-long tutoring/mentoring experience and get some ?hands on? teaching experience with the concepts and techniques you will be learning in the course. This is the ?meat and bones? of the course. The whole tutoring experience documented through the development of a portfolio is a documentation of your ability to apply what we cover in class to the real-world contexts.
3. EKU posting (15%)
4. Presentation (10%)

5. Final exam (15%)

** No disputes regarding the final course grade will be accepted/allowed.
** Late assignments will be marked down half a letter grade for each class day of lateness


TBA: The textbook for this class will be announced as soon as it is decided.
Course Reading Packet available for purchase at the central library.

Weekly Schedule and Topics

Week 1 Course Introduction

Week 2 Creativity/Character Development (??????)

Week 3 Theories and models of first language reading processes

Week 4 Factors that influence reading in an L2

Week 5 Phonological awareness, Word Recognition & Phonics Instruction
Character focus: Trustworthiness
Creativity Development activities

Week 6 Vocabulary and Comprehension
Character focus: Respect
Creativity Development activities

Week 7 Schema and reading comprehension
Character focus: Responsibility
Creativity Development activities

Week 8 Midterm Week

Week 9 Promoting strategic reading
Character focus: Fairness
Creativity Development activities

Week 10 Teaching pre-, during-, and post-reading strategies
Character focus: Caring
Creativity Development activities

Week 11 Using Literature & Guided Reading
Character focus: Citizenship
Creativity Development activities

Week 12 Designing a reading course with Creativity/Character development approach

Week 13 Designing a reading course with Creativity/Character development approach

Week 14-15 Presentations

Week 16 Final Exam

*Course content subject to change