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Session: VSOS3221

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3 Credits

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Taught In English

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Bioinformatics has found a wealth of applications in medicine, pharmacology, agriculture, and many other industries. This is also a sort of the converging and rapidly growing field of interesting importance to both biologists and computer scientists.

Course Objectives
We will expect this course that would introduce both biologists and other fields' students to bioinformatics. Although we wanted this course to explore key concepts in some depth and to keep it on an introductory level.

"Exploring Bioinformatics - A project-based approach" edited by Caroline St. Clair & Jonathan Visick; Jones and Bartlett Publishers; 2010


Exploring bioinformatics

The central dogma_1

The central dogma_2

Gene alignments

Protein alignments

Alignment practice

Mid-term exam.

Sequence assembly_intro

The human genome

Gene prediction

Gene prediction_practice

RNA and protein structure

Molecular phylogenetics

Microarray and gene expression

Final-term exam.

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