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Course Name

Introduction to Management Engineering

Session: VSOS3221

Hours & Credits

3 Credits

Prerequisites & Language Level

Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


Course Objectives
This course focuses on mathematical modeling of business systems. We aim to improve the students skills on developing optimization models to address decision-making problems arising in a wide range of real-life applications, and the solution of these models with computational tools. We will examine how to formulate effective linear programming and integer programming models, how to use optimization software to solve these models and, possibly, how to interpret the computer output for post-optima

* R.A. Sarker, C.S. Newton, Optimization Modelling: A Practical Approach, CRC Press, 2008
* S.C. Albright, W.L. Winston, Management Science Modeling (4th edition), South-Western, 2012
* Articles from academic journals

* For almost every week, modeling exercises will be given to students as a homework, and part of them will be reviewed during a class; in this case, some will be asked to present their works in class
* There will be a team project to investigate the real-world problems and model them.
* There will be an individual case study presentations in class.

Introduction to optimization

Introduction to modeling

Simple modeling techniques

Simple modeling techniques

Modeling large-scale and well-known problems

Modeling large-scale and well-known problems

Alternative modeling

Models for practical problems in production & inventory management

Models for practical problems in logistics & distribution

Models for practical problems in marketing

Case studies & presentations

Case studies & presentations

Decision making under uncertainty

Introduction to simulation modeling

*Course content subject to change