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Session: VSOS3221

Hours & Credits

3 Credits

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Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


This course begins with the study of nerve cells: their structure, the propagation of nerve impulses and transfer of information between nerve cells. We then move to the sensory systems such as olfaction, hearing, and vision and discuss how physical energy such as light is converted into neural signals, where these signals travel in the brain, and how they are processed. Next we study the control of voluntary movement. Finally, we cover the neurochemical bases of brain diseases and those systems which control motivation, emotion, learning and memory.

Course Objectives
Understanding principles of neural science

Principles of neural science Fifth Edition,

The brain and behavior

Nerve cells, neural circuitry, and behavior

Genes and behavior

The cell of the nervous system

Ion channels

Membrane potential and the passive electrical properties of the neuron

Propagated signaling: the action potential


Overview of the synaptic trnasmission

Signaling at the nerve-muscle synapse: directly gated transmission

Synaptic integration in the central nervous system

Modulation of synaptic transmission: second messengers

Transmitter release


Diseases of the nerve and motor unit


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