Course Description

Course Name

Marketing and Innovation

Session: VSOS3221

Hours & Credits

3 Credits

Prerequisites & Language Level

Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


Course overview
Innovations and markets are characterized by high levels of uncertainty. Thriving in
the innovative marketplace requires a mastery of a diverse set of skills and capabilities.
Profitable innovation is a dynamic process of continually identifying good ideas, creating
new market space, improving customer experiences, opening new markets and launching
new products. From adroitly reading market trends, to investing wisely in future
technologies, from understanding customers intimately to offering them a compelling value
proposition, high-tech marketing managers must be versatile, yet focused, flexible yet
determined, tenacious yet open minded. This course will expose participants to the
opportunities and challenges of high-tech marketing and prepare them with the tools and
techniques necessary to make marketing decisions in an uncertain technology environment.

Course objectives:
This course gives you a complete understanding of marketing innovation and how
you could craft a marketing strategy for growth in the constantly changing competitive
environment. This course will attempt to synthesize decision frameworks and strategies that
reflect best practices in the area of high-technology marketing. It will offer cutting edge
treatment of research and practice related to the marketing of technology and innovations,
supported with numerous case studies and applications.

Innovation Projects
These will be two group projects designed to give you opportunities to obtain hands-on
experience of the concepts and methods covered in the course.
Different cases will be provided and students are encouraged to choose a case they are
interested in and wish to learn more about. They are also encouraged to begin work on the
projects at the very beginning of term and work steadily towards its completion. The lecturer
will provide details about the term paper as the term unfolds.
I will schedule several meetings throughout the semester to assist and monitor the
progress of each project. Collaboration across groups is not allowed. The deadline for
submission of the assignments will be announced as the course progresses. The
maximum number of words for the assignment is 2000. The two projects represent 40%
of the assessment.

*Course content subject to change