Course Description

Course Name

Critical Thinking and Writing

Session: VSOU1522

Hours & Credits

3 Credits

Prerequisites & Language Level

Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


Course Objectives:

     • Students will effectively express their understanding, interpretation and analysis of information through both writing and oral presentation.

     • Students will understand and apply the conventions of university-level writing including language and tone, paraphrasing, and APA formatting and citation.

     • Students will understand and utilize effective methods for presenting in front of a group, and will increase their comfort level in doing so.

     • Students will participate actively in cooperative learning through group brainstorming, class discussion, peer review and constructive feedback.

• Students will complete four graded writing assignments and will deliver three graded presentations. There will be other non-graded, but required, assignments that will serve as steps for the graded assignments.

Through individual assessment and guidance from the instructor, students will learn what they need to focus on individually in their writing and presentation skills, and utilize recommended resources to improve in those areas.

Weekly Syllabus for 106B

Week 1:  Personal Response

  • Responding to others' claims, arguments and ideas
  • Brainstorming, planning and organizing an essay
  • Tackling academic reading
  • Assignments: written response to an assigned reading           

Week 2:  Writer’s Voice

  • Freewriting as a prewriting technique
  • Analyzing the stylistic features of voice in writing
  • Use of satire and/or irony in writing
  • Assignments: 2 page essay written satirically or ironically; impromptu presentations

Week 3: Process Writing  & Intro Academic Language

  • Narrative voice
  • Introduction to Academic Papers
  • Analysis of MICUSP papers
  • Assignments: narrative essay; analysis of academic paper

 Week 4: Researching, Synthesizing, & Paraphrasing

  • Coming up with a Research Question & finding reliable online sources of information
  • Academic integrity; paraphrasing
  • Overview of APA citation conventions
  • Individual research, i.e. Read. Read. Read.
  • Assignments: 1 page essay outline of information from several articles; annotated Bibliography/References; write Body Paragraphs

Week 5:  Research Paper Final Steps

  • Editing & Formatting
  • APA reference conventions
  • Convincing others through effective presentation of ideas
  • Assignments: 5 page research paper, using outside sources of information; Individual presentation of results

 Week 6: Prezi

  • Design and presentation of journal writing using prezi format

*Course content subject to change