Course Description

Course Name

Language, Culture, and Society in Korea

Session: VSOU1722

Hours & Credits

3 Credits

Prerequisites & Language Level

Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


Course Description and Objectives
This course provides the opportunity to become acquainted with Korean culture and society, reflected in its language since the linguistic system of Korean and its daily uses are inseparably interwoven with the ever-evolving culture and society of the Korean people. It aims at a general understanding of Korean language and people, with emphasis on the culture and society. Attempts will be made to highlight the uniqueness of Korean cultural tradition in the broad context of East Asian civilization (Japanese and Chinese), as well as Western influence, especially of English. Its focal point is to cover invention and use of the Korean alphabet, standard language (South Korean) and cultured language (North Korean), Korean in contact with Chinese, Korean in contact with Japanese, sound symbolism, proverbs, terms of calendar, kinship terms, slang, honorifics, phatic expression, gender differences, Korean advertisements, linguistic structure and dialectal variation. Reading materials and lectures are in English.

Required Textbook
Ho-Min Sohn. 2005. Korean Language in Culture and Society. University of Hawaii Press. ISBN-13: 978-0824826949

*Course content subject to change