Mission Work

Sevilla Ministry*

While abroad, students will be partnered with a Mission Mentor who will help them get involved with ministry opportunities and connect them with a local church and the Christian community in Sevilla. Students will meet regularly with their Mission Mentor for prayer, reflection, and spiritual accountability; the spiritual support and opportunities will make their time abroad transformational!

Students minister alongside Mission Mentors, Cary & Sharon Owen, in language exchanges to reach Spaniards with the Gospel and meet locals. Students also host gatherings and events for their host families and the neighborhood the Owens live in and serve with their church in a town 20 minutes from Sevilla.  

The International Mission/Service-Learning Practicum will enhance and help students internalize their experience, and provides a great opportunity to reinforce cross-cultural missions, and earn college credit. The course formalizes the student's 7-10 hours of ministry including: reflection activities, journal entries, and cultural research. 


Blog Post from Sevilla Veritas student

Written by Alison Michalak

"This weekend began with an outreach event Friday night at our mentors English academy outside of Sevilla. Our mentors teach English classes here and spend a lot of their time building relationships with the locals and sharing Christ’s love with anyone they come in contact with. 

Our outreach was an English game night where we played games to help the kids and parents practice their English. We weren’t really sure what to expect going into it because we had no idea how many kids would come or what ages they would be. However, It was a huge success! We ended up having a good turnout of kids ranging from ages 3-14. It was awesome seeing these children have such an excitement to learn a new language. After a fun time of games, we wrapped up the fiesta with a little dance party. THIS WAS SO FUN. By the time our dance party came to a close we had even learned a few dances to some Spanish songs.

After cleaning up, we spent the night at our mentors house and enjoyed a lovely breakfast and devotional the next morning. We finished up our time in Montequinto with a lovely picnic in a nearby abandoned olive tree field. (So Spanish sounding right? Well just wait because the next part is going to sound super American) We grilled up burgers, played some American football, and soaked up the sun all while listening to throwbacks and country music. I hate the thought of leaving all these wonderful friends in a couple months so we just won’t talk about that right now!"


*Mission work differs by site & term. For ministry details for a specific term, please email info@veritasabroad.com