Course Description

Course Name

Painting in Literary Sevilla

Session: VSVF2221

Hours & Credits

45 Contact Hours

Prerequisites & Language Level


  • Prior to enrolling in courses at this language level, students must have completed or tested out of a minimum of four semesters (or six quarters) at the college level.


Understand the city of Seville and its artistic heritage combining the literature of
Seville with the practical art of painting. To have a profound knowledge of a city and
its heritage requires a very careful study of its most emblematic places. Painting gives
one a greater vision of the city. We choose different techniques: pencil, charcoal,
watercolor, and ink, etc. The students pass enjoyable sessions in the parks, plazas,
streets and monuments of Seville, the Guadalquivir River, the Alcazar, the Barrio Santa
Cruz, taking time to study their subject, its form and history. They will get to know the
city, its hidden places and architecture like no other student can hope to do. At the
end of the semester the students will have a fine collection of drawings and paintings
which make great souvenirs and gifts for their friends and families. Also, they will
acquire a great understanding of painting; perspective and composition which will help
them appreciate art for the rest of their lives.

The students make visits to the monuments, plazas and parks of Seville while
drawing and painting. Every visit includes an introduction to the site, its history, its
architecture, its figures and legends. In each class the students learn aspects of
drawing and painting: color, composition, etc. Classes are conducted in the classroom
or outdoors. Every week we visit different locations. We will discuss the literature
related to each place, while we draw and paint.
The classes are in chronological order to better understand the monumental
history of the city. We will start with the Romans by drawing in the Archeology
Museum. Then we study Islamic Seville. Then we look at medieval Seville at the
Cathedral. We search out themes from the Golden Age of Cervantes. We learn about
Romanticism in the Maria Luisa Park.
The students will read literary passages about Seville; the subjects that we paint
and draw are related to the readings.

1. Theory.
1.1. Basic pencil drawing.
1.2. Composition: laying out an image.
1.3. Perspective: drawing buildings in perspective.
1.4. Water color painting: brush and wash control.
1.5. Color theory: how to mix colors.
1.6. Landscape painting.

2. Practical. Visits to places of literary interest to draw and paint.
2.1. Ancient Seville; the Archeology Museum.
2.2. The Islamic Seville of the poet-king Al-Mu'tamid.
2.3. Medieval Seville and "Romanceros"; the Barrio Santa Cruz.
2.4. Seville in the Golden Age of Cervantes; City Hall; Archive of the Indies,
the Guadalquivir River.
2.5. Romantic Seville; Becquer, operas of Seville, Maria Luisa Park.
2.6. Seville in the XXth C.; A. Machado y Luis Cernuda.

Every student will purchase the following materials: a box of watercolor paints,
two watercolor paintbrushes, a bottle of water and a cup, some pencils and an eraser,
a drawing pad and some pens.

*Course content subject to change