Course Description

Course Name

Teaching English to Spanish Students: Methodology and Practice

Session: VSVF2221

Hours & Credits

45 Contact Hours

Prerequisites & Language Level

Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


1. Aims
This training course offers a theoretical and practical approach to the teaching
of English as a foreign language (EFL) to Spanish-speaking students. Classroom practice
will be fostered which includes activities in the class, activities outside the class under
the supervision of a tutor and the opportunity to take part of the course in a Spanish
school with Spanish students in the city of Seville. This way, not only theoretical
content but also the cultural aspects which are involved in the practice of teaching
English as a foreign language will be dealt with.

2. Methodology
From a methodological perspective, theory will be determined and learned
from the practice. Classroom interaction and dynamics guided by the teacher will be
dealt with in class; students will work in pairs and in small groups and will have to get
involved in creative tasks such as lesson planning, original learning resources design,
classroom observation and teaching. Part of the course will take place in a Spanish
school in Seville.

3. Syllabus
3.1. EFL Acquisition and Learning.
3.2. Popular EFL Methodologies.
3.3. The English Teacher.
3.4. EFL Students in Spanish Schools.
3.5. Classroom Dynamics.
3.6. How to teach

  • pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and culture to EFL students.
  •  speaking, listening, reading and writing.

3.7. Teaching Resources in the EFL Classroom. The English coursebook, other
resources and digital support.
3.8. Error Correction and Feedback.
3.9. Assessment.
The present syllabus may be subject to certain readjustments which will depend on
the students’ profile and their learning preferences and needs.



*Course content subject to change